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The ‘cabin in the woods’ premise has done so many times that even Michael Cera would agree that it’s getting repetitive. So when a film comes along by that very title, it confuses your brain so very much that grey matter begins oozing out of your ears. Is this a film so unashamedly B-Movie that it wishes to announce this from the rooftops? Or is this just so extremely meta that even the guy who came up with the idea has forgotten what’s going on?

It turns out that it’s neither, both, and more. As far as I can tell, every review of this film so far contains the phrase ‘genre subverting’, and I’m not one to break the trend(flux). This film has so many twists and spins that even ‘Bop It’ gets jealous.

What about me, guys?... Guys??


In case you don’t know what this premise is (thereby implying that you either don’t own a television or you are still a baby), it follows a group of 5 young adults, eerily fitting the template of diverse college students, go to spend a week in a remote cabin in some even more remote woods. Then, shit goes down. And up. And pretty much every direction feasible. What I’m trying to say is, it gets messy.


... and all over the walls


Cabin In The Woods is most definitely a horror-comedy, and, unlike many others, it very much succeeds in both categories, reminiscent of the Scream films. There are hilarious one-liners cruelly intertwined with all types of terror: jump-out-of-your-seat, cower-behind-your-fingers, and kill-me-now-I-no-longer-want-to-live-in-this-plain-of-existence-where-such-horrors-are-even-fathomable. That last one is my personal favourite.

Directed by Joss Whedon of Avengers fame, you can really tell he was passionate about seeing this film through properly. Whilst it finished filming in 2009, issues with MGM meant that it was delayed until 2012. They wanted to make it 3D, post-production, but Joss was reluctant. I’m glad he stood his ground as I think 3D would have really detracted from this film. Joss claimed that this film was an attempt to revitalise the horror genre, which he felt had devolved with the introduction of torture porn. I couldn’t agree with him more. This film is a breath of fresh air, and whilst I may need a change of underwear, I would love to have more of the same.

It is difficult to discuss this film in too much detail without giving the game away. But the horror film fanatics out there should take pleasure in trying to pick up on every little reference and nod in the film, and boy, there are a lot of them. I had to watch it twice and I’m still not sure what I’ve missed.

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