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I s it just me, or do trailers give away far too much these days? From nothing more than a few minutes of promo, you are already shown the epic finale, who the bad guy is, and all the funny lines. So when I saw the trailer for ‘The Raid’, which simply amounts to 1 and a half minutes of unrelenting violence, I was preparing myself to be underwhelmed.



Luckily for me, you, and everyone involved, the film itself simply amounts to 1 and a half hours of unrelenting violence. Hooray! Sure, someone tried to squeeze a backstory in (Something along the lines of “Be careful out there!” “I always am…”), but it was out of the way before you could even blink, so that was fine.

So the basic premise is this: Some bad guy rules over a block of flats 30 storeys high, and the police aren’t happy. So in comes a cracksquad of 15 skilful Asians, and one token black guy, to save the day. SPOILER ALERT: The black guy dies. But seriously, just watch the trailer. If that doesn’t give you an ActionBoner, then you’re clearly not man enough, and your balls simply exist as a flap to keep the dust out of your arse. conclusion


If you’re in to martial arts, action, or gore, then this film will be certain to satiate your appetite, stuffing so much metaphorical food down your gullet that you’ll want to puke. The fact that the film is so unfeasibly visceral does nothing to ease this queasiness. In case you’re still not sure, just read the tagline. “When there’s nowhere left to hide… you fight or die.” Or, as is the case for most people in this film, you do both.

On top of all this, the direction and camerawork is incredible, with some of the most spectacular fight sequences I have seen in a while. The martial art performed in the movie is primarily the Indonesian art of Pencak Silat, which sounds more like a spelling mistake than anything else. The Raid is currently ranked as Indonesia’s most popular title, and rightly so, but alas, Sony have managed to acquire the rights to the film, so expect an disappointing Hollywood remake in the next couple of years.

Not a lot else remains to be said, except, you know, go watch this film. It’s super good.


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