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Come one, come all! Let us join together in celebration of the Queen’s 60 years on the throne! I was once on the throne for a whole afternoon but Gary Barlow didn’t organise me a concert… Tomorrow, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations will reach a climax with over 1000 boats sailing up the River Thames. That’s the most seamen for an 85 year old since I went for that Thai massage. Being a Londoner, I myself am quite looking forward to the boat parade. I’ve never tried shitting off a bridge before.


The Queen says her proudest achievement was the keeping of the Commonwealth, so I thought what better way to celebrate good old Queeny than to show off the best music from around the Commonwealth! With artists that we all know and love, to underground artists that even Prince Phillip wouldn’t have heard of, be sure to check out the YouTube playlist to get all the songs.



A sheer wealth of talent comes from the land down under, including; The Temper Trap, AC/DC, Pendulum, The Bee Gees, Jet and Men At Work’s frontman Colin Hay. A plethora of musical brilliance to be proud of and make Britain jealous. I’ve always wanted to apply to work in Australia, I think I have the necessary Koalafications. Other Aussie aces include the magnificent Matt Corby, the wonderful Wolfmother, the incredible INXS, the captivating Counting Crows and the jammin’ John Butler Trio. But then they produced Peter Andre, so, you know, swings and roundabouts.



In this situation, you can blame Canada… for having great music! Drake, Alexisonfire and their frontman City and Colour, Bryan Adams, Joni MitchellLeonard Cohen, Arcade Fire, Neil Young, Michael Buble and Nelly Furtado all hail from this wonderful nation. Personally, I believe Canada had the most potential of any nation in history. They could have had the culture of the British, the cuisine of the French and the technology ofthe Americans. Instead, they got the culture of the Americans, the cuisine of the British and the technology of the French. I sympathise with Canada though, I have noisy and obnoxious neighbours, too. Other famous musicians include Chromeo, Born Ruffians, Crystal Castles, Mood Ruff and Hey Rossetta! Unfortunately they still have Justin Beiber and Avril Lavigne to their name.


Find the point where I mentioned J-Biebz.


New Zealand

For the country famous for the All Blacks (and hilariously, a basketball team called the Tall Blacks), they certainly produce a colourful array of music: Fat Freddy’s DropEvermoreFlight of The ConcordsKids of 88LadyhawkeThe Naked and FamousThe DatsunsMidnight Youth and The Wild. New Zealand is a beautiful country of the Commonwealth, and is filled with positive people. It took great courage for the country to pull through from 2010′s mine collapse, which was called ‘New Zealand’s darkest hour’. Personally, I thought the rule of Sauron was pretty bad…



Bob Marley, Cool Runnings and Usain Bolt. Jamaica is the country that keeps on giving. The little island of light exudes its warm reggae vibes all across the globe, thanks to Bob, Ziggy and Damien Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Shaggy, Shinehead and Sean Paul. Even Biggie Smalls, Alicia Keys and Busta Rhymes are of Jamaican heritage. Jamaica puts the ‘mon’ in Commonwealth, producing tunes that even the Queen can rock out to, like the superb Toots and the Maytals. Jamaica is such an amazing country, but it does have some deep rooted problems as you can see on the news: ‘Two policemen die in violent Jamaica clashes’. With the main suspect having confessed, there is much confusion as to who shot the deputy.


That’s it for now folks! Remember to enjoy the YouTube playlist for full effect! Enjoy the Jubilee!

Happy Listening!!


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