Think back to the last mind numbingly dull poetry class you sat through. Think of the rhyme scheme the poet used, the cadence of his words, and the imagery that brightened the page you were looking at. Yeah, makes you want to rip your eyeballs out of your skull with boredom, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, I would like to think that in the next century, when poetry has all but died out, students will be studying the rappers of today in the same ways that modern poetry is examined.


"To MC, or not to MC"


Rap (HipHop) is a genre of music, a poetic realisation of the minds of musicians who form words over a beat. Or in more modern day circumstances, rap is the act of shouting SWAG and WE DA BEST over and over again. Although some would argue that good quality rap died along with Notorious B.I.G and 2Pac, some quality rappers still remain. Could you be the next Biggie? Yes you could, thanks to this article.


As an avid listener of rap music, I have piled together a few points necessary to start you on your voyage to rapping glory. Taken from interviews with rappers to books of the greats, all of the following are 100% guaranteed to take you stardom (unless you’re white, middle-class, and have no rhythm).


You're Out


1. Listen to rap music for inspiration, themes and general flow. This may sound obvious but… I guess that’s because, it is. If you’ve got this far and haven’t even heard any rap music yet, then you’re reading the wrong article. Try this instead. After you’re eardrums are done taking a beating, you can then go and buy a baggy white t-shirt and a gold chain to really start living the hip-hop lifestyle.


2. It is important to remember that you are in fact not from Compton (unless you actually are). Therefore mentioning how you ‘pimp slap your Hoe’ isn’t really appropriate. Unless you develop anger issues whilst gardening. No one wants to hear about that. Be true to your upbringing and find topics that relate to you.




3. Get a notepad and write your lyrics down. Every time your mind blesses you with a rhyme , write it down line for line (see what I did there? Huh, do ya?). Seriously though, you will forget it in a minute or two so take the time to write it down.


4. Finally, find some friends who aren’t going to ridicule you outside of your supposed ‘bedroom Studio’ and rap for them. Show them what you got, and if they give you just one ounce of positive feedback, then pull from that and keep going until you reach the charts. Which, judging by the current top 10, really isn’t that hard.


Finally, my inspirational point for the day is this: if LIL B can make it as a rapper with a song about Wonton Soup (SWAG). Then you sure as hell can!


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