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OMG! Someone in football did something positive! And it’s not the results of a drug test!


"Not this time"


There are two widely accepted facts in football, that the Barclays Premier League is the best league in the world, and that everyone in football is ultimately selfish. The next piece of information I am about to serve you puts both of these into question, and is about as refreshing as an ice-cold coke (from a glass bottle of course; we all know that’s better than from a can!). Someone in football has decided to break the trend of conforming to the money grabbing, underhand tactics preached by FIFA boss Sepp Blatter himself, and actually do something nice!


In an ultimate act of loyalty and selflessness, La Liga side Sevilla have decided to offer a season ticket to any loyal fan who loses his or her job during the next football season, absolutely free! That’s right, a football side has actually done something constructive within its community. In a time where the recession has left its bright red mark all over Europe, Sevilla has stepped out as a footballing maverick, soccer’s lone wolf, and shaken the hand of struggling fans rather than ripping what little cash they have left from it. The Andaluc­a region of the city of Seville was the worst affected area of Spain in terms of unemployment, and the club has responded to this, much to the delight of the people.


Their policy covers any employee holding a permanent position in the same company for more than a year, as long as they have worked over thirty hours a week. But, if your reading this in Seville and considering the double joy of punching your boss in the face and getting a season ticket out of it, the policy does not cover you if you’re fired for disciplinary reasons!



Sevilla finished 5th in La Liga last season but I think we’ll all genuinely be hoping they do just that bit better next time round with this act of generosity. But when your up against Messi AND Ronaldo, the never-ending love of an unemployed accountant might not be as useful as a top signing. Regardless, Sevilla, you did good!


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